Shae – Founder

Oh man, I’m so happy you’re here!

My name is Shae – Death Talk L-A was created out of a need for grief support and death education in Lewiston-Auburn in 2019. As a Lewiston native, I find myself wanting to give back to my community in many new and exciting ways. Phase I was Death Talk L-A, Phase II Guided Grief Counseling (my private practice) and Phase III, the ultimate goal of opening L-A’s first ever grief center. Fingers crossed I get there!

I have a background in counseling- obtaining my Masters Degree in Social Work in 2018 from the University of Maine and found great interest in adjustment disorders, anger management and grief. I have worked in all different settings and capacities in the last 10 years in human services but my true passion was with those experiencing grief and more specifically, oncology patients. I always knew from the get-go I would do something in my community that would serve purpose on a greater level, not just with individual clients. When my brother, Seth, died tragically in 2014, I was forced to come to terms with my own grief…how it can be miserable but also transformative.

And so, Death Talk L-A was born.

Death Talk L-A has given me the ability to be clinical while also authentic and real. I thrive in group settings and in atmospheres that spark creativity. While Death Talk L-A was wildly successful in it’s first year, it since has evolved (much like how our own grief does). We have gone from large group events to small intimate ones; from breweries to cozy nook living spaces.

This was done intentionally and with purpose.

We have curated the space to breath warmth back into your soul when you need it most. Whether it be in the living room space or the brick lined conference room, I hope you feel welcomed, supported and safe with your thoughts here. Tell me about your loss – I am always a listening ear.

I’m dying to meet you,