Death Talk L-A was born in January 2019 and saw its end at the beginning of the COVID pandemic in 2020. Although this passion project was short lived at the time, it was well loved by the Lewiston-Auburn community. With a total of eight events for the kick off year, DTLA boasted nearly 30 people at every indoor event and countless families at our sponsored outdoor art series. We graciously had the support of a couple local breweries, Bear Bones Beer (RIP) and Craft Brew Underground during out first DTLA run and are super excited for our comeback.

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The Death Talk L-A revamp comes with a stable host site; noticing that breweries could be a deterrent for those experiencing substance dependence, we decided to host future events at a neutral offering space. Alas, we found Co-Lab Create on downtown Lisbon Street. We are hopeful that in person human connection is more desired than the convenience of virtual events.

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What you can expect going forward are plenty of activities that we like to think of as “Walk and Talk” activities. Many therapists understand the importance of distracting your hands to let words flow freely, this is the same principal. We will share an activity at each gathering with guided prompting to slowly but surely open up about your loss. In the future, we hope to see Death at Dinner events, teen and children activities, arts and crafts for your soul, and more. We hope that at each gathering, you find a bit of coping and a lot of love.

Check out our facebook page for past and present events and know, the best is yet to come.

We’re dying to meet you,