Death Talk L-A

By creating a safe place for discussion and introducing
age-appropriate death education and we hope to motivate others to become a part of the death positive movement in Maine.

Hey! If you have been here since the beginning – welcome back! If not, so happy to see you here. Head on over to the ‘Events’ tab for our current offerings! Events are open to all ages and fluid in nature unless otherwise stated in the description. Such events are held at Co-Lab Create at 86 Lisbon Street, Lewiston Maine; a beautiful space for co-creation where members are continually acquired. If you’d like more information, we can connect you!

We hope that these events bring you increased knowledge, comfort and support through your travels with grief. If you are looking for more resources or 1:1 support, please don’t hesitate to pull us aside at an event or email for deets!

We’re dying to meet you.

“The people you love become ghosts inside of you and like this you keep them alive” – Rob Montgomery